Regulations on Firearm Sales

Local rules regarding the sale of firearms can change from time to time. Therefore, it is important for you, the consumer, to be aware of local regulations that affect your ability to purchase firearms over the internet. We encourage you to be aware of and up-to-date on your state's regulations.

General Firearm Sales Notice

All firearms must be picked up either from one of our store locations that sells firearms, or another Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) dealer.  We will not ship firearms to a location or individual without proof of a valid FFL license. During the in-store pickup, the person purchasing the firearm must be present to complete the registration paperwork. The firearm will not be released until all paperwork is completed.

Locating an FFL Dealer in Your Area

There are thousands of FFL dealers in the United States, including all Runnings locations that sell firearms. You may choose to have your firearm shipped to one of these locations, or select another dealer in your area. To find a list of FFL dealers in your area, click here. If you choose a dealer that is not on the list, either you or the FFL dealer will be required to submit a copy of the Federal Firearms License. The FFL dealer will usually charge a fee to conduct the trasnfer. There are certain duties that the FFL dealer is required to perform during the process, including a background check. Please keep in mind that this process takes time to complete. Because fees can vary, it is recommended that you check with the FFL dealer ahead of time to request a quote of the fees associated with your firearm transfer. If you feel that the fees are too high, you may search for another FFL dealer in your area.

Completing the Transaction

Once you place the firearm in your cart and proceed to checkout, you will be required to select a location to which you would like your firearm shipped. If you prefer to pick up your firearm at a participating Runnings location, select "Pick Up In Store," then choose a Runnings location near you.

If you prefer to pick up your firearm from an FFL dealer other than a Runnings location, enter the address of that location in the shipping information. Then, you will be asked to enter your payment information. Simply check the box under "Billing Address," stating that the payment should be billed to an address other than the one provided in the shipping information. 

After you complete the checkout process, we will verify the FFL license and also make the FFL dealer aware that an order from Runnings will soon be arriving. Most orders are processed within 3 business days from the time we receive and verify the FFL dealer's information. Once shipped, your firearm will arrive at the FFL dealer within 3-7 business days. The FFL dealer will begin processing the shipment. Please be aware that it may be an additional day or so before the FFL dealer is ready to conduct the transfer of the firearm to you. Call the FFL dealer and set up an appointment to confirm that the firearm is ready to be transferred.

Please Note - All Firearm Sales are Final

It is important to thoroughly inspect your firearm before the transfer is complete. Once the firearm is transferred into your name, Runnings will not accept a return or exchange under any circumstance. If a defect is discovered after completing the transfer, you must contact the manufacturer directly for repair or replacement.

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