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Weaver Leather has roots that run deep in the equine industry. Handcrafting the highest quality products from the finest materials is a pride that has been passed down with rich heritage for over 45 years! Providing the industry with a vast range of leather tack and nylon goods, Weaver has become a leading company in top quality products, service, partnerships, education and more! Their vast span of dealers and large group of online retailers are located all over United States, Canada and more.

Watch as team members spotlight their top picks for 2018 new equine products. Showcasing the new Working Tack Feather Designer Buckle Headstall, Rambler Tack Collection, Synergyâ„¢ Saddle Pads, Pro-Series Bits, Prodigy Guardian Boot and more, this tutorial is a great combination of educational and fun features.