Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas carols are blaring throughout the house, the tree is lit up from top to bottom, and you’ve eaten 5 too many Christmas cookies with your eggnog. Yep, it’s Christmas time! Another great anticipation each year: Decorating your home, inside and out. There’s nothing more exciting than the anticipation of turning on the lights around your home and bringing life to the giant Santa and reindeer. Between hanging ornaments on your trees and wreaths, there’s festive work to be done by the whole family. However, storing all these decorations can be a whole other story. No one enjoys that depressing task, but here are a few decor storage tips to make decorating easier for you next year!

Holiday Storage


Linens are best stored in a suitcase to protect them from any exposure to moisture. Before putting them away, be sure to wash them with an odor fighting detergent  to keep them smelling clean and looking fresh. To keep the moths away, include two lavender scented dryer sheets in your drying routine.

Once you’ve zipped up your linen suitcase, avoid storing it in areas that are not climate controlled. This means opting for a closet in the house rather than your garage or attic. Be sure to keep the linens clear of any newspaper, tissue, or cardboard as they could cause the linen to yellow.


The next step to storing your holiday decorations is packing up your wreath so you can reuse it next year. One handy trick to store your wreath is to hang it up in the closet using a closet organizer or rod. That way it will be out of sight and out of mind till next year!

Another way to pack your wreath up is by using a container large enough to hold it without bending it or crushing the ornaments.

If you’re looking for a fun spin on the traditional wreath, check out this birdie wreath! Not only would it make for the perfect gift this holiday season, it’ll keep your home filled with life and joy by attracting woodpeckers and friends to your backyard.


Ornaments are a great way to personalize your home and bring back old family memories during the holiday season. Keeping them safe throughout the rest of the year though isn’t always an easy task. Here are a couple of suggestions that will help protect your valuable ornaments after the holidays.

Ornament Storage

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First, you could store your smaller, more circular ornaments in an empty egg carton. Once you’ve filled up the egg cartons with anything and everything that fits comfortably, stack them up on top of each other gently in a storage tote.

Another easy DIY trick would be to glue plastic cups to cardboard sheets that can fit inside a sealed container. Then, place the ornaments into the plastic cups and stack the sheets on top of one another in the container for safekeeping. You could then store your bin in the attic or garage until the following year!

When it comes to special or valuable ornaments, the best solution would be to put them back into their original packaging. This way you’ll know that they’ll stay protected up until the day you showcase them again.


Candle Storage

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Candles are delicate and prone to scratching and breaking. Wrap them up in old socks or knee-length tights to keep their surfaces looking smooth and new. Cellophane is another good packaging option if you are worried about color transfer or melting. With longer candles, use a cardboard paper towel tube to shelter them from any wear or tear. Pack the candles up in a bin and store them far away from any heat to avoid melting.


While lights are the iconic symbol of the holidays they can be tricky to store without mess you will dread the next year. The long cables often get knotted and the small bulbs either unscrew or break under the strain of weight. First, sort through your lights and throw away any damaged ones from this season. Then, carefully wrap the remaining lights around empty coffee cans or pieces of cardboard to keep them untangled and organized. Then, place them in some kind of storage or container for the next few months so they’ll be ready to go back up next year.


Holiday DecoratingThe holidays are a wonderful time to reconnect with your inner decorator and take pride in your home. While it may feel overwhelming when the time comes to put all your hard work away for the season, these tips and tricks will keep your decorations protected and safe until next year. Until then, enjoy everything this winter has to offer and have a happy holiday!