Boy clipping cattle legs

It can be hard to have a good attitude all the time without getting upset, especially since showing livestock can be so frustrating at times. But that’s when patience comes in handy. If you stick with the task, slow down, assess the big picture and focus on desired results, you’re less likely to make mistakes and will learn more in the process.

When it comes to your livestock projects, what do you think looks better in the ring: a calf or lamb that’s been clipped or sheared by someone who took the time to learn and practice or ones that have mistakes just because someone wanted to get it done? Consider these do’s and don’ts of patience with your next livestock project.



Set realistic expectations. 
Challenges and obstacles are a normal part of life, and waiting is an unavoidable part of the process. Winning the banner doesn’t happen overnight, and working toward that goal takes time.
Don’t set low standards.
If you’re not committed to excellence, how can you achieve it? When you have low standards, you have little desire to work toward success. So, set realistic goals to put yourself on the steady path to the banner.
Choose to be patient.
Sometimes it’s really hard to wait for your first or next win, but when you do, you will be far more successful in the end because you have learned even more in the process.
Don’t plan poorly. 
When you are ill-prepared for a show, you leave no room for setbacks that might occur. This lack of preparation can make you very impatient and lead to hasty decisions that can lead you away from your goals.
Practice, practice, practice.
Being patient can be uncomfortable at times because you have to repeatedly make conscious decisions to slow down. It will take time to learn the new behavior pattern, but as you practice, you’ll find yourself more satisfied and less stressed.
Don’t stress out. 
When you are stressed, you are more apt to make quick decisions that only lead to more stress down the road. So, next time you’re feeling uneasy, slow down, take a deep breath and even walk away for a few minutes if you have to. You’ll be glad you did.

Patience is not just waiting, it’s about the attitude you have while you are waiting. Will you choose to work hard daily, no matter how long it takes, to reach the goals you have set for yourself?