Get Ready!  Whether pursuing upland birds or waterfowl, Runnings has the gear to get you ready now, before you set foot into the thick stuff this season!

Across Runnings country, hunting seasons are rapidly approaching.  Whether it’s an August goose management season, the start of dove season on September 1, or the cascading openers for waterfowl and upland birds that follow throughout the autumn, Runnings has all the gear you need to get ready for an exciting fall afield.  From ammo and boots, to camo and blinds, you can find everything you need for your style of hunting and take these tips with you to get prepared for your best fall ever.

Get Loaded

There’s no better time than now, a full month ahead of most seasons, to stop in and pick up the ammo needed for an awesome autumn. Whether by the box or by the case, Runnings has popular loads like Federal’s Prairie Storm for upland game and Black Cloud for waterfowl along with a variety of other trusted shotgun shells from Fiocchi, Winchester and more in stock in both lead and non-toxic varieties.  Don’t wait until the week before opening day to grab a box or two, as the closer opener gets you may find yourself missing out on a box of your favorite field loads.

Many Runnings sporting goods areas also offer a wide selection of popular field shotguns from Remington, Benelli, Winchester and other top brands.  The experienced staff behind the gun counter can work with you to find that perfect option and make sure it fits not only your hunting style, but your body as well. They can also help with general repairs and maintenance of your current firearms with a wide selection of cleaning kits, oils and related gear. Go over each one now and check to see that they’re in good shape, and work with the friendly staff at Runnings to keep them that way all season long.

Well Dressed

Before the season is also the time to take stock of the condition which those upland and waterfowl clothes and boots went into storage last winter.  Look field pants and waders over for holes or wear and update accordingly.  Check seams and soles on boots – especially those waders – to make sure the elements stay out, and feet stay warm and dry.  Finally, check over hunting vests and jackets to see that shell holders can still do their job, blaze oranges haven’t faded and the camo pattern still matches the style of hunting you plan to be doing.

Runnings has a great selection of brush pants for upland hunting from Wrangler, along with a wide selection of waders and camouflaged pants for sitting in the blind.  With offerings from Irish Setter, Danner and Muck on hand at most stores, there’s also a new set of boots available to fit your needs.  Talk to the local experts at your Runnings to find the clothes that work for your hunts, whether it’s a warm weather, early season walk for grouse, or a goose hunt in the cold of late season, they can point you in the direction of that lightweight upland vest, or the heavy camo coat to match the conditions.

Triple Deke

For bringing the birds to you, there’s no better tool than a spread of decoys.  From tiny, clip-on dove decoys made of foam or plastic, to the giant Canada goose shells perfect for decorating a field, Runnings has a selection sure to fit the species you enjoy pursuing, and the spread you like to set out to bring them in.  Check out all the offerings available, from floating duck decoys that can be moved with the slightest twitch, to automatic motion options from companies like Mojo to add even more realism to your spread.  Don’t forget to pick up a new duck or goose call and field lanyard to keep your collection growing and your communication options open all season!

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer on the edge of a favorite slough, or a scout-and-move style hunter, Runnings has the camouflage options that fit your waterfowling efforts, from fabric and break-up accents to well-concealed layout blinds.  Check out those choices now and update that favorite permanent spot on the edge of the water or find the mobile model that’s right for your active hunting lifestyle.

Cutting Edge

For processing fall’s bounty, a sharp knife is a must have, and Runnings has the offerings from brands like Gerber that sportsmen know and trust.  In a variety of field options and complete processing kits for after the hunt, having the right knife to make short work of small projects while hunting, to cleaning multiple birds with friends after the adventure is essential to enjoying time outdoors. Additionally, having a portable multitool, like those offered by Leatherman can help deal with any small issues like blind repair, gun jams, and equipment problems while out in the thick of the hunt.

Take the time now, before your favorite season starts, to get ahead of the rush and prepare for successful hunts.  Stop in at your local Runnings to get the ammo, clothing and gear you need to be ready for an autumn full of excitement.  You’ll find friendly, like-minded outdoors enthusiasts ready to help you be your best from opening day through the last day of the season.