Make a Splash with a Stock Tank Pool

Rustic décor seems to be all the rage lately, with images of burlap and mason jars filling social media pages. One trend for summertime fun has been converting cost-saving stock tanks into swimming pools. This summer, thanks to the help of your local Runnings, you can bring a splash of rustic décor right to your property by turning your backyard into a sunny oasis with your very own stock tank swimming pool.

Getting Started

Stock tank pools allow you to create a durable, long lasting, and conversation-starting piece for your yard. To do so, there are just a few items that one would need to get going. First off, the friendly associates at Runnings can assist you in selecting a stock tank that suits your needs . Runnings carries a variety of stock tanks of all sizes and materials. The two common types of tanks on the market are galvanized steel, which adds a blast of rustic appeal with the textured metal walls, or polymer or plastic tanks which are heavy duty and eliminate concerns of possible rusting. Stock tanks are usually measured in gallons, meaning that the higher your gallon number, the more swimming area you’ll have to enjoy.

When choosing where to place your stock tank, be sure to look for level ground so that the water depth will be smooth and consistent throughout the tank. Some stock tank pool owners chose to place their stock tank simply on a flat area and use it as an above ground pool, while some have gotten creative and dug deep to turn their tank into an in ground pool. It is wise to check with local ordinances in regards to fencing requirements for swimming pools before installing a stock tank pool.

Swimming Tank

Crystal Clear

In addition, keeping the water in your stock tank clean ensures a hygienic and safe spot to cool off all season long. To keep your stock tank clean, there are a few easy-to-do options. Some tank models do come with a drainage plug, so draining the tank and refilling it as needed is a viable option. For tanks without drains or for those conscious about their water usage, tanks are easily customizable by installing an above ground pool filter and pump. Also, the use of chlorine maintain the correct pH rating to help the water stay crystal clear is another recommended options. Runnings carries a variety of pool chemicals and supplies in store that will help your new stock tank pool remain clean and safe all summer long.

To also aid in keeping your water clear, pool covers and tarps can be used and tailored to fit your stock tank. Having a cover on the tank will keep the water from getting too warm during the summer and can prevent leaves and insects from crashing your pool parties uninvited. A proper cover also prevents mosquitos from being attracted to your pool. The less mosquitos in your backyard, the more fun you’ll be able to have.

Creative Customization

If your stock tank pool will be used by children, there is a fun way to keep them safe and to add a splash of summer colors to your new pool. Especially with steel stock tanks, the edges around the top rim of the tank might have sharp edges. To protect swimmers from accidental nicks, pool noodles cut in half lengthwise and secured to the rim of the tank using a water-safe adhesive will create a soft and safe surface. Try mixing different colors of pool noodles to create a colorful splash in your tank pool.

As with most rustic décor projects, the use of pallets is always a popular choice. Pallet wood nicely complements a stock tank to create a serene country scene for your stock tank. Popular ideas for stock tanks range from ambitions building entire decks around the tank using pallet wood to even making steps within the pool itself to use to get in and out of the tank.

Runnings carries a variety of power tools, nails, screws, and more to help you on any pallet endeavors you’d wish to undertake to make your new stock tank pool really shine.

Since stock tanks make quite unique swimming pools, they are a joy to decorate. Go wild with rocks, mulch, solar lights and other outdoor decor to make your backyard the place to be this summer.