How to Keep Your Kids Entertained this Winter

While wintertime is the perfect time for making warm family memories, it can be a little difficult to come up with ideas that will keep the kids busy while cooped up indoors. After all, there are only so many snowmen to be built before it’s time to heat up with some hot chocolate.
If you’re looking for ways to keep your kids entertained while Old Man Winter is in full force, look no further. We’ve gathered a variety of baking, crafting, and gaming activities for the whole family to enjoy!


  • Cake Pop Party
    Love cake? Love sugar? Love icing? Perfect! One fun and easy activity that everyone can participate in is a cake pop party! Simply purchase donut holes from your nearest convenience store or donut shop. Then, place a sturdy straw or stick in each one and begin decorating.
    The best way to decorate your cake pop is by melting either a chocolate or vanilla-based fudge or candy bar. We recommend melting your base in a pot over boiling water to avoid any burnt flavor! Once the base is ready, dip your cake pop in it and add toppings to construct a variety of holiday creations. Some fun add-ons include small licorice twists, candy corn, and gum drops!
  • Ice Cream
    Turn snow into a yummy treat using condensed milk! Combine 8 cups of fresh snow with one can of condensed milk and a teaspoon of vanilla. Mix it all together and you’ve got authentic ice cream. To add a little pizazz to your tasty treat, you can add chocolate chips or sprinkles.


  • Glow Pad
    The Glow Pad is a unique drawing tablet with glow-in-the-dark features! It comes with 7 interchanging colors and patterns. Its compact size makes it portable, which is perfect for playing in any room of the house! This activity is also easy to take on the road for those long road trips around the holidays.
  • Wrapping Paper
    Personalize your wrapping paper this year by decorating your own! Wrap the gifts in plain, light colored paper or brown paper. Then, allow the kiddos to unleash their inner artist using markers and crayons. The wrapping paper might even become more exciting than the present itself!
    Need some ideas for gifts to wrap? Your kids will love the Charmazing kit, which includes materials to make up to 7 charm bracelets! Or, check out Crayola’s Kids@Work™ 80-Piece Blocks for the builders in your family.


  • Opoly games
    Runnings carries a variety of Opoly” board games ranging from “Farm-Opoly” to “Cat-Opoly” and most animals in between. The board games are a spin on the classic “Monopoly” and cover a vast range of themes/topics. Bring on the competition with your favorite version of the game!
  • Let’s Go Fishing
    Forget having to get a pole, rod, reel, and bait! Head to the living room to do a little fishin’ with the family! The Pressman Let’s Go Fishing board game is another fun activity that your kids will love. It’s a fast action game that will inspire a little friendly competition during the slow winter months– nothing fishy about it!

There are many ways to keep your kids busy and entertained this winter. Whether you’re snowed in or simply looking for a good way to pass the time, these suggestions are guaranteed to get the laughter flowing in your home! If the cabin fever has set in and you simply need to get out, stop by your local Runnings store to just peruse the aisles! And, if all else fails, put on a movie and sit back with a delicious bowl of buttery popcorn for the whole family to munch on.