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Grooming should be a part of your daily routine with your horse. In addition to producing a beautiful hair coat, grooming also has numerous other benefits that can have a big impact on your horse’s quality of life.


Health Check – Your daily grooming session is an excellent opportunity to thoroughly look over your horse and take note of any lumps, bumps, abrasions or other health issues as well as any weight gain or loss. Keeping on top of small issues can help prevent them from turning into bigger problems later on so consistency is the key.

Improves Circulation – A thorough grooming promotes increased blood flow and circulation to maximize skin health. It also gives your horse’s muscles a much needed massage and is a great way to prepare for a ride.

Removes Foreign Objects – Grooming before riding is essential for removing dirt and debris that may get caught between your tack and saddle and cause abrasions.

Increases Bonding – Grooming is one way horses show affection for one another. It’s also a wonderful bonding opportunity for you and your horse. You’ll get a better idea of what pressure your trusted equine companion prefers. A horse with a denser coat may prefer a more deep massage with a curry comb than an animal with more sensitive skin.


Keep the proper tools on hand for the job. Veterinarians recommend a separate set of tools for each horse to help prevent the transfer of bacterial and fungal infections.

  • Curry Combs – Perfect for removing dirt, mud and loose hair.
  • Brushes – Keep brushes with a range from stiff to soft bristles on hand for different grooming needs. From the stiffer bristled dandy brushes for removing mud to softer bristled body brushes for removing dust and shining the hair coat, there is a brush for every task.
  • Sponges and Rags – Stock up on sponges and rags in varying sizes perfect for a wide range of grooming tasks.
  • Hoof Pick – An essential tool for cleaning hooves and making sure nothing is trapped between the fog and the sole.
  • Conditioning and Shining Product – Select a spray-on, leave-in conditioning product that imparts a luxurious shine while repelling dust and dirt like eZall® Show-n-Go Shine & Conditioner.

Be sure to also check out the following video on grooming and cleaning your horse before riding featuring Brad Barkemeyer of Bar B Performance Horses. He shares some important grooming tips and stresses the importance of grooming before you tack up.

Grooming Steps Before Riding