Keep the Power On in Any Situation

Power outages can happen for any number of reasons. If you live just outside of town or in an area that’s considered rural, it can take days or even weeks for things to return to normal. A home backup generator from Generac can keep your whole house, including your freezer and heat source, running strong.

What is a Home Backup Generator?

Generac’s Guardian home backup generators look like small, covered air-conditioning units that sit on the outside of your home. But these units aren’t designed for cooling. They’re built for power.
When your usual electrical supply goes out, a professionally installed home backup generator will automatically power on in seconds to generate and deliver electricity to your whole house. Because Guardian generators run on your existing liquid propane (LP) or natural gas supply, they can keep your home lit up for weeks* — maybe even longer.

Up to 24kW of Power

Guardian home standby generators come in various sizes for different size homes and needs. Most families only require 22kW of power to run everything. That kind of power can run televisions, washers and driers, a microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator, air conditioner, internet router, computers, game consoles, and so much more. 24kW models are available if you’re powering a larger home packed with even more energy-hungry items.

Start with the Online Sizing Guide

Use this online sizing guide to select your home’s square footage and what you need to keep everything running. Then get over to your nearby Runnings location. As an authorized dealer, we can help you decide on the perfect Guardian generator for your home, place your order, and point you toward local installers and electricians to get your new generator set up and working.

What’s Involved with Installation

Your installer will begin by suggesting a site on the outside of your home to place the generator. Then they’ll run the natural gas or LP fuel line to the unit, install the transfer switch, and finish up the electrical work. Most models can be prepackaged with 200amp transfer switch and Wi-Fi, the transfer switch is necessary with installation. When included with your Guardian generator, it can save you money. Plus, Guardian generators are WiFi-enabled, allowing you to see how much power you’re using and even control your generator from anywhere in the world in real-time with the no-cost Mobile LinkTM Remote Monitoring system.

Order Your Guardian Today

As you might expect, these generators are on back-order. Whether you’re looking to install one on your current home or you’re building a new family residence and want to add a Generac home backup generator to the build, stop by your local Runnings today. We’re your authorized Generac Sales dealer, which means we can help you decide on the model you need, get you a quote, place your order, and put you in touch with some qualified electricians and installers.

*Consult a certified electrician.