Work smarter, not harder… Simply spray on, rinse off!

eZall® combines science and technology with Mother Nature for the ultimate in plant-based formulas that save time, money and effort. With biodegradable formulas derived from natural resources, every all-natural eZall® product is safer for horses and the people grooming them as well as the environment.

Best known for its simple spray on, rinse off method, eZall® is the preferred choice of professional and recreational riders alike. In under five minutes, the eZall® Foamer and gentle yet powerful formula of Total Body Wash lift dirt and dead skin from the hair coat without stripping beneficial natural oils essential to skin and hair health.

Discover the wonder of eZall® today with the starter bathing kit, packaged with everything you need to get started with eZall® and the number one foamer on the market. This kit includes a foamer, hose nozzle, nine-position rinse attachment, and 4 oz. bottle of eZall® Total Body Wash Green super concentrate body wash that makes 32 oz. of body wash.