Stay Away Ants

Spring cleaning and pest prevention go hand in hand. Try Stay Away® Ants to prevent infestations in your home, naturally. Find it at your local Runnings store!

Try these tips and tricks to save money on cleaning supplies while keeping chemicals (and pests) out of your home:

  • Keep containers handy while you clean – one for trash, one for recycling, and one for donating or reselling. Cutting down on clutter will help keep things clean while giving pests fewer places to hide.
  • To get red wine out of carpet or cloth, try pouring a little white wine on the spot, then sprinkle with baking soda. Once you’ve made a paste, give it a little scrub and you’ll be good as new!
  • Before cleaning your microwave, heat up a bowl filled with water, white vinegar and lemon juice. Crumbs and spatters will wipe away with ease, and a lemony fresh scent will be left behind.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and a tooth brush to clean tile grout. This DIY mix is a real money saver compared to expensive tile cleaning products!

5 Reasons to Celebrate Spring Cleaning

  1. It’s the perfect excuse to put on that cute apron that’s been hanging in your closet. While you’re tying it on, your brain will get the message that it’s time to get down to business.
  2. This is the perfect chance to practice a little aromatherapy. You can add essential oils to your own DIY cleaning products, or just sprinkle a few drops in your diffuser. I like a citrus scent to give me a little energy boost.
  3. Turn up the music! A steady beat will help you focus, and some of the repetitive motions like sweeping or scrubbing can trigger an almost meditative mood.
  4. You’ll be more productive. Research shows that clutter makes it harder to focus, negatively effecting memory and information processing.
  5. Cleaning helps detect and prevent pest infestations.

When cleaning, keep an eye out for signs of pest activity such as spider webs, musty odors, or rodent droppings.

Have a kind day!

She Knows Best:

Choosing botanical pest repellents reduces your risk of chronic exposure to pesticides. Overexposure to pesticides has been linked to asthma, learning disabilities, and problems with brain development. Together we can preserve the good and prevent the rest!