The Winner’s Brand Brightening Shampoo

Discover Weaver Leather Livestock’s Brightening Shampoo, the only clear, dye-free shampoo on the market that brightens and whitens your animal. Featuring optical enhancers that give this super concentrated shampoo maximum whitening power with no staining, your sheep has never looked brighter.

Optical enhancer… What’s that?

Used to make white or colored surfaces appear more vibrant, it absorbs ultraviolet light, modifies the wavelength, then emits the light in a fluorescent fashion. You might notice a light, iridescent blueish-purple tint as you lather. Without an optical enhancer or UV inhibitor, the UVA rays will break down the chemical bonds in the hair pigments, making them appear dull over time.

#ProTips by Weaver Leather ProStaff

Brightening Shampoo is taking the sheep washing scene by storm! Watch as Chad Charmasson tells you a little more about the hottest shampoo on the market.