Bike Riding With Your Dog

Whole Dog Journal
  • Start out slow. Get your dog comfortable with a parked bike before walking him alongside a bike you are pushing. Only when he’s comfortable with these things should you actually mount up and ride – slowly!
  • Always wear a helmet when cycling. If you need one more reason to convince you, consider this: If you fell and were knocked out, what would happen to your dog?
  • Ride at a conservative pace, for short distances, until your dog builds fitness.
  • If your dog’s enthusiasm or speed lags, stop and investigate. Offer him some water, and slow your pace on the way home.

You walk your dog several times daily, but it never seems to be enough exercise for your energetic pup. It probably isn’t. Healthy dogs need to run, and walking just isn’t an aerobic enough exercise for them. Running with your dog is a great aerobic exercise, but many people can’t run or simply don’t like running.

So how about biking with your dog? If you love to ride your bike and have a dog who loves to run, you may have considered sharing your rides with your best friend. Fresh air, exercise, time spent together having fun and creating your own adventures – it doesn’t get much better than that. And it seems so simple, right? Just you, your dog, a bike, a leash, and the open road, and you’re on your way.

Well, not exactly. But riding a bike with a running dog as a companion can be done safely. You just need to be willing to put in the time for training, invest in the proper equipment, and follow some safety rules to make the activity both fun and safe for you both.

Biking Equipment for Your Dog

For your dog’s safety, a colorful, reflective collar with ID tags and a reflective vest for high visibility are recommended. But there is one critical piece of equipment you need to invest in to assure that cycling with your dog is as safe as possible.

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