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Backyard Birdfeeding
By Runnings
1/30/2017 12:00:00 AM
Everything you need for Backyard Birdfeeding

Stock up on bird feeders and food for all your winter birds! Don't let those birds go hungry. Runnings has everything you need to keep your backyard chirping all winter long! Stop in today for some hometown customer service, and bird feed, of course!

Runnings Winter Bird Feeding Tips

Sometimes as we struggle with winter, we forget that it's just as hard on our feathered friends! Your friends at Runnings have put together ten tips that will help you help your local birds this winter! Why, you ask? Beak-ause we care! OK, OK, enough jokes- let's fly through these.

  1. Use feeders that can hold a large amount of food. Be sure to put out plenty of food, especially during snow and ice storms when the birds will eat more than usual. It doesn't hurt to account for the occasional squirrel too.  
    Squirrel on bird feeder

    Click here to scope out Runnings' selection of Bird Feeders!
  2. Be consistent and keep feeding the birds through the winter: Birds will start to count on your feeders being full- especially when the hardest weather hits. If you leave home for an extended period, try to have a neighbor or friend keep the feeders going.

  3. Give the birds water, too. Ice and snow aren't enough. It's easy for birds to get dehydrated, so we recommended a heated birdbath like this one from Farm Innovators.

  4. Protect the birds from predators. Make sure that the feeders are placed out in the open so that cats and other predators can't sneak up on the birds as they enjoy your generosity.

  5. Stomp down or shovel the snow from the feeding area. Some birds prefer to eat off the ground, which is easier said than done in deep snow. Removing and/or stomping down the snow near feeders allows ground feeding birds to clean up the food that spills over from the feeders.

  6. Clean your feeders on occasion. It's easy for grime to build up over the course of winter, so we recommend cleaning your feeders a couple of times each season.

  7. Brush snow off your feeders often. The accumulated snow dampens food and makes it harder for the birds to get to the food, if they can at all.

  8. Skip the bread and chocolate. Some folks like to make their own treats for the birds, which is great, but chocolate is toxic to birds, and bread offers no real nutritional value to them, either.
    Making bird feeder

  9. Stock up on bird seed at Runnings. Runnings has bird seed and suet for just about every species that might show up at your feeders.
    Feeding the birds
    Make the most of your trips to Runnings so that you- and the birds- aren't caught off guard if bad weather rolls in quickly.

  10. Grab a pair of binoculars and a bird watching book! Keep track of all the different species that show up at your feeders- you just might be surprised how many birds rely on your feeders to survive the winter!

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