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What To Look For In Your Snow Thrower
By Runnings
10/28/2016 12:00:00 AM

What To Look For In Your Snow Thrower

The first snowfall of the year is an event that almost all of us look forward to. But then, after the first or second week of nothing but snowfall, you begin thinking to yourself, “How am I supposed to pull out of my driveway?” All of the sudden you are criticizing the same snow you celebrated! In order to manage the snowfall (and your excitement) throughout winter, we’re outlining the best characteristics to look for in a snow thrower that’ll put the WIN back in WINter! 

The Old Fashioned Snow Thrower

This type of snow thrower has been around for centuries… it’s strong and reliable but sometimes temperamental when it has plans that conflict with its snow throwing duties: it’s YOU! You are the most popular snow thrower on the market… Well, you and your trusty shovel that is. This is how your parents and their parent’s parents did it every winter- uphill both ways, so we hear! With the shovel’s solid shaft and comfortable grip, it’ll take you no time (okay, maybe some time) to shovel the piles of snow down your driveway. However... we are in the 21st century, and you aren’t an Olympic snow thrower. So if you want to find another way to get in touch with your ancestors that doesn’t involve breaking your back, try picking up a snow thrower that does all the hard work for you. Sounds like a better time than this guy’s having, right?

Snow Shovel Fail


Toro® Electric Power ShovelAn electric snow thrower, like the Toro® Electric Power Shovel, is perfect for you if you want the size of an old-fashioned shovel with none of the hard work. It’s incredibly easy to maneuver around spaces that big snow throwers can’t go: patios, steps and small walkways. Don’t mind its small stature, it packs power that can clear up to 300 pounds of snow per minute. This type of snow thrower works best with light and fluffy snow, but its best quality? It’s completely maintenance free! There is no need to replace its oil or fill up its gas because it doesn’t need any. A 100% electric snow thrower for 100% ease of use.


Cub Cadet® 1-Stage Snow ThrowerA single-stage snow thrower simply means that it throws the snow out only once. Just because it’s single-stage doesn’t mean that it compromises power. With the Cub Cadet® 1-Stage Snow Thrower, you get the power of a snow blower twice its size! This snow blower is easy to start with the push of a button and gives you a larger clearing width for driveways and pathways. These throwers work best with fluffy snow on a paved path, but a word of caution: avoid taking this through paths with loose gravel or rocks because it rides close to the ground so it will pick them up and make you cringe every time you hear the song “We Will Rock You.” If that seems like a problem, you should upgrade to a 2-stage snow thrower.

2- Stage

Cub Cadet® 2-Stage Snow ThrowerThese snow throwers take in the wet, heavy snow as well as ice to throw the snow twice for better result. Unlike the single-stage, 2-stage throwers do not touch the ground so they are able to go on both paved and unpaved paths. A Runnings customer favorite 2-stage snow thrower comes from a trusted brand- the Cub Cadet® 2-Stage Snow Thrower. It offers unmatched control that allows you to engage power steering and change the direction of the pitch all with a single hand! The wider clearing area allows you to clear snow from bigger driveways and lawns while saving time.

3- Stage

Cub Cadet® 3-Stage Snow Thrower Without a doubt, these are the biggest, baddest, most powerful and cost effective snow throwers that will rip through miles and piles of snow and ice. You’ll be ecstatic seeing your pathways cleared and the snow being thrown up to 50 feet away from your home (apology cookies for the neighbors not included)! It’s wide enough for any area you need to tackle, and it even does driveways with steeper inclines! Let the Cub Cadet® 3-Stage Snow Thrower do all the heavy-lifting and hard work.

Now that you know what to look for in your new snow thrower, it’s your time to pick one that is best for you! Luckily you don’t need to do this alone - Runnings is here to help you through every step and has the perfect snow thrower for your needs! Stop by a Runnings to pick one up before you're snowed in for the winter!

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